Product show


1.The compression pliers are designed for hydraulic crimping on power calbe and wire.The crimped conductor is tested in high conductivity and close contact so that it¨s uneasy to break out and turn hot
2.Open cut design for convenient operation
3.The head could be rotaed 180<freely for narrow space working
4.Standard eight sets of die assembling(35)、50、70、95、120、150、185、240、300、(400)
5.Packing case is made from robust integral plastic box
6.Oil pipe coupling fitted with PT3/8"thread
Model Output(T) Contact Mould(mm2) Ram Stroke(mm) Size(mm) Weight(kg)
CYO-410H 12 35-300 30 340x110x65 4.0
CYO-430H 12 35-300 30 340x110x65 4.0
CYO-510H 13 50-400 38 380x120x75 5.0