Product show


1.The compression pliers are designed for hydraulic crimping on power calbe and wire.The crimped conductor is tested in high conductivity and close contact so that it¨s uneasy to break out and turn hot
2.Dies are quickly put on tube by double speed unit.Then compression force lift and qutomatically change to low speed.Then operation finishes with energy saving and time shorten.
3.The head could be rotaed 180<freely for narrow space working
4.Fitted with safety valve.When pressure reaches to limited max.Value,pressure release automatically to prevent over pressure
5.Connect form:Point pressure
6.HP-150D Standard assembling male dies in four sets:16、25、35-50-70、95-120-150
and female dies in one set:16-25-35、50-70、25-120、150
HP-210D Standard assembling male dies in four sets:16-25、35-50-70、95-120-150-185
and female dies in one set:25-30、50-70、95-120、150-185、240
7.Packing case is made from robust integral plastic box
Model Output(T) Contact Mould(mm2) Size(mm) Weight(kg)
HP-150D 11 16-150 460x130x70 4.1
HP-210D 12 25-240 160x130x70 4.5